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We are a professional fireworks display company ready to help you budget and plan a fireworks display presentation for your next great festive occasion or event where you'd like to make a BIG impression!! Our skilled fireworks crew and technicians at Circle City Pyrotechnics are well trained and certified; we use only the highest quality firework products and state-of-the-art, safety checked pyrotechnic equipment to ensure quality and safety. Fully trained, certified in the handling of fireworks and insured. Circle City Pyrotechnics is a professional fireworks display company using only the highest standards of skilled, trained and certified technicians. Our number one priority is for the safety of everyone involved.  Licensed, bonded and insured.


Circle City Pyrotechnics of Indiana has been providing fantastic, affordable fireworks displays since 1996 and we still offer firework presentations at prices you can afford. Give us your budget figures for your firework displays, and we'll write up a proposal that will work to make the big booms happen for you! If you find you want to raise the fireworks budget, we simply adjust the shell-count for your displays. Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you to schedule your fireworks displays and give you a great big bang for your bucks!


One of the most exciting ways to celebrate special events is with fireworks. Whether you're having an event or celebration, leave it to the professional pyrotechnic crew to do the fireworks! Circle City Pyrotechnics crews give the best fireworks display services possible and we value our longstanding relationships with repeat clients.

Whatever your fireworks display, pyrotechnic, or special effect needs or ideas may be, our event producers welcome the opportunity to discuss all the options available to add the thrill of a professional fireworks display to your event and would be most honored to provide the fireworks and pyrotechnic effects for your special events. It is our sincerest goal to be certain that all of our customers are completely satisfied!!   
Rose Collins, President